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PAS POA Huskies at the High 5 Virtual Sports Challenge

32 husky athletes from PAS POA have participated in the online event which gathered almost 100 students from 5 international AASB schools in Brazil. 

The High Five Virtual Sports Challenge was created to keep the student-athletes engaged and motivated, as well as to offer an opportunity for psychological relief/break from the, sometimes overwhelming, online classes environment, while giving the student-athletes a chance to interact with students from other international schools of Brazil. 


The initiative came from Mr. Daniel Brauner, the Athletic Director of PAS POA, to honor the Sports calendar in such an unique school-year, where the ISSL tournament was once again canceled. The event happened on October 1st and 2nd, 2020. 


According to the student-athlete Daniel C., the experience he had was successful, as his team was united together playing after a long time separated and the tournament was exceedingly competitive. According to him the overall success of this event led him to realize that, if done well, anything can be adapted when encountering a harsh situation.  


“I was extremely glad that this tournament took place despite the difficult situation we are facing and that we were able to adapt to such complex sports to do so. Also, I am especially proud of our coaches at PAS POA for taking the initiative of organizing this event”.

  • Daniel C. - Soccer and Basketball athlete

“The pandemic generated uncertainty regarding our biggest event, the ISSL. The creation of the High 5 Sports Challenge was innovative and challenging. The partnership of students in online training meant that regardless of whatever we are “in person or at a distance”, we are always connected. Being part of this event as a coach was to be sure that we can always do more!”

  • Coach Carlos Rodrigues - Soccer 


The High 5 virtual Sports Challenge was an initiative involving five schools from AASB, gathering close to 100 student-athletes from different parts of Brazil in a live event! It was possible to show how differentiated is the work we do in PAS POA, providing unique opportunities for the students during the pandemic. The PAS POA athletes were the champions in the soccer challenge both in boys and girls. And in basketball the PAS POA Huskies got third place, both girls and boys.