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5 Tips from our counseling team to be well prepared to be back to school

Counselors Ms. Débora and Mr. Augusto present some ideas on how to be well prepared to start the second semester of the school year.

  1. Organize your materials in advance

    Before returning to school, remind your child to charge their digital device, separate their uniform and the materials that must use during the classes. Also, when you have on campus activities, don't forget the alcohol gel and the masks! Check the school's guidelines on items that kids should not bring to the school.

  2. Maintain a structured routine

    Having an organized and predictable daily life helps children and teenagers sleeping and eating better, and be healthier emotionally. Good habits begin and consolidate every day. Invite your child to help build the family's routine. Remember to consider sleeping, eating, and commuting times.  

  3. Talk to your child

    Back to school often causes expectations and fears. Nowadays, it is even more important to talk to our children, so they feel welcomed and guided by the family. They also have the support of teachers, principals, and counselors! Remind your child of the people they can ask for help at school.

  4. Prepare a weekly activity calendar

    Anticipate to your child what the next weeks will be like, check out the links to the online classes, and schedule the activities by establishing schedules for school assignments and extracurricular activities. Be aware of your child's limits. We don't want to overload them!

  5. Stay involved with the school

    Review the COVID-19 safety protocols and guidelines for prevention made available by the school. Invite your child to participate in this process. Do not hesitate to keep in direct contact with the school. Part of academic success depends on the quality of communication between parents and the school.

To learn more, visit our PAS POA roadmap for reopening. If you still have any questions, look for the counselor or principal of the session.