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Going beyond academic growth to build social and emotional fluency

Counselors are an integral part of our goal to educate the whole child. They implement our social and emotional program from preschool to high school, working with teachers, parents, and outside professionals to teach students about relationships, conflict resolution, and a variety of other social and emotional skills.

Additionally, High School Counselors assist students in their academic and career plans for after high school. This includes guiding students to decisions about programs and universities and assisting in the application process. High School Counselors also encourage students to participate in university fairs, so that students can find the best university and program according to their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a school counselor do?

Conselheiros são parte integrante do nosso objetivo de educar a criança por completo. Eles implementam nosso programa social e emocional desde a Pré-escola até Ensino Fundamental , trabalhando com professores, pais e profissionais externos para ensinar os alunos sobre relacionamentos, solução de problemas, resolução de conflitos e uma variedade de outras habilidades sociais importantes. Os conselheiros também atuam como membros da equipe de apoio ao aluno, trabalhando para aumentar a diferenciação e como acomodamos as necessidades dos alunos na Pan American. Outras atividades incluem:
  • Student interventions
  • Support family transitions
  • Classroom observations
Além disso, nossos conselheiros do Ensino Médio auxiliam os alunos em seus planos acadêmicos. Isso inclui orientar os alunos sobre decisões a respeito de criação de oportunidades de exposição a programas e universidades e processo de inscrições no Ensino Superior.

What is the goal of counseling?

The goal of counseling is to provide students with the social and emotional resources needed to become empathetic global learners.

How does Pan American teach social and emotional education?

At Pan American We use a program called Second Step to teach social and emotional skills This world-renowned program focuses on helping schools become learning environments rooted in empathy. The classes are administered by the classroom teacher or advisor and supervised by the counselor. In Middle and High school, students explore important age-appropriate topics in a class called "Life Skills."

How can parents talk with the counselor?

Parents can schedule an appointment with the school counselors to address any concerns regarding student well-being. Classroom teachers may also request counselor participation in meetings with parents where academic and social and emotional aspects converge.