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Brazilian Studies

Language as a social institution

The Brazilian Program is comprised of Portuguese, Literature and Brazilian Social Studies, with the primary focus being on literature and social sciences. The Brazilian program is based on Brazil’s National Curricular Parameters and transversal themes, from Early Education to High School, closely adhering to the Laws and Guidelines of National Education established by the Ministry of Education (MEC), while remaining aligned to the requirements outlined by the IB PYP and MYP programs.

Our international students have the opportunity to learn Portuguese through language acquisition. In these classes, the student will learn language construction and develop oral and written skills. The student also has the chance to develop strong ties to the host culture and the opportunity to be fully immersed in the culture. Our Portuguese language program challenges students to master the Portuguese language and explore the nuances of communication and expression. Students build more than just language skills, they also build character.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are students prepared to take the ENEM?

Yes. Pan American curriculum subjects prepare high school students to perform well on the Brazilian college entrance exam. In the final year of high school students have the option of taking classes focused specifically on ENEM preparation.

What courses are included in Brazilian Social Studies?

Brazilian history and geography are part of the curriculum in elementary and middle school. In high school students explore Brazilian history, geography, sociology, and philosophy.