Daniel P Simões

What a privilege and honor it is to work at the Pan American School of Porto Alegre- especially to have a chance to help our students grow up academically, socially and emotionally as a life-long, global learner ready to face the world and its challenges.  While the cliche is there, it is also the truth. 

 As you embark on the programs offered at PAS, you become as much as the opportunities offered to you.  Whether you are working through the IB Middle Years' Programme (MYP), starting your own club to increase your skills and enhance your passions, trying out for an athletic team or simply dedicated to your academics, there is something for everyone at PAS who chooses to see it and use it.  

The middle and high school team is dedicated to helping guide students and families in their choices, to make sure that the real world experience one receives is fulfilling and rigorous.  We do not expect to study only coursework and curriculum, but we strive to go broader than that and to help students find and embrace the best version of themselves as learners and people.  The PAS community works together to accept the challenge of various learning and teaching styles as we attempt to step outside our comfort zone so we become competitive thinkers, empathetic human beings and authentic voices in the world.   We encourage your kind, thoughtful  and reasonable participation in our ideas and growth- and also to maintain the great successes we constantly celebrate. 

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Daniel P. Simões
Middle & High School Principal