PAS POA inspires global, life-long learners to build their future.



To be an exemplary international  learning community, nurturing confidence to embrace change.



Respect:  an understanding of each other and of the communities, cultures and environments of the world, moving through tolerance toward mutual trust.

Integrity:  being consistently honest, principled and trustworthy, choosing to do the right thing at all times.

Collaboration:  working together constructively toward a commonly understood goal. Cooperation between staff, students and parents is essential.

Determination:  Having the courage, tenacity and conviction to identify and achieve one’s dreams.

Leadership: Embracing opportunities to face challenges with flexibility and creativity, persevering to positively influence change.


The educational programs at the Pan American School of Porto Alegre are guided by our mission, vision, core beliefs and values, and the IB Learner Profile. In April, 2012, the school engaged the entire community in a thorough process of revising our mission and vision statements through identifying and reaffirming our core ideals. We thoroughly investigated the nature and aims of the IB Learner Profile, classroom and assessment practices, management and leadership roles, IB attitudes, and 21st Century Skills as lenses through which we clarified our essential principles and non-negotiables. These were identified as:

  • international mindedness
  • collaboration
  • community feel
  • multilingual
  • commitment to academic excellence
  • caring
  • respectful
  • risk-taking
  • curiosity to learn